5 special requirements for canceling S Pass Singapore

Applying for any work visa in Singapore like the S Pass Singapore visa is not easy. You need to pass the eligibility criteria which can be very stringent, especially if you will apply for the E Pass Singapore scheme. Your job and employer will also be evaluated by the Ministry of Manpower. Once you get approved, you must follow all the conditions that entail the work visa. However, not every employment is perfect. Eventually, you may have to terminate your work in Singapore. If that happens, your employer has to cancel your work visa.

S Pass Singapore cancellation is almost similar to the cancellation of the E Pass Singapore visa. However, a cancellation of a work visa is not simple. There are requirements and conditions that the employer must fulfill. In this article, we will discuss the 5 special requirements for the S Pass Singapore cancellation.

#1 – Submit a cancellation request 

When you cancel an S Pass Singapore visa, you must submit the cancellation request. Similar to the E Pass Singapore scheme, its effect is immediate and will no longer be valid. You can submit it as early as 14 days if it has been planned in advance. You can set the date when the S Pass Singapore visa will be invalid. If the S Pass Singapore holder had already left Singapore, the pass must be canceled within a week of the departure of the holder. Keep in mind that if the S Pass or even the E Pass Singapore visa is canceled, all Dependent’s Passes and Visit Passes tied to it will also lose validity. 

#2 – Request for a short-term visit pass

If the S Pass Singapore holder will still be in Singapore even after the pass is canceled, it is important for the employer to request a Short-Term Visit Pass. This will give the foreigner a valid pass to stay in Singapore. The Short-Term Visit Pass only lasts for a month. This is given so the foreigner has more time to settle things in Singapore before leaving. 

If the foreigner needs more time than that, the employer can apply for an extension. This extension request should be submitted one week before the Short-Term Visit Pass expiration date. The Short-Term Visit Pass will be presented to the immigration officer before the foreigner leaves Singapore. 

#3 – Seek tax clearance

Since the S Pass Singapore cancellation is effective immediately, there are things that the employer has to settle first before that. One of the important things that they need to settle is the tax of the S Pass holder. They need to seek a tax clearance certificate to ensure that there are no outstanding tax balances that the employer and the foreign worker needs to pay for. 

Without a tax clearance certificate, the cancellation request will be put on hold. This is the same scenario even for the E Pass Singapore cancellation process. Thus, it is important to confirm with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore regarding the tax balances. 

#4 – Settle employment issues 

Aside from the tax clearance, the employer must settle all issues with the foreign worker. If there are salary balances that are not paid yet, the employer must pay for them before the S Pass Singapore cancellation. All employment-related issues must be settled before the foreign worker leaves Singapore. Thus, it is important that the employer communicates with the foreign employee and discusses these settlements. It is vital that all the concerns that the foreign worker will raise will be addressed by the employer. 

#5 – Pay air ticket of S Pass holder

Last but not least, it is the responsibility of the employer to pay for the air ticket of the S Pass Singapore employee. This is the case for all canceled work visa situations even for the E Pass Singapore scheme. It is a must that the employer book a flight for the foreign worker that will land at the airport nearest to his or her hometown. 

If the former work visa holder’s hometown is far from the nearest airport, the employer must pay for the land trip fare. Although there are cases that this was shouldered by the employee, the employee must submit a written document that he or she is the one that will pay for it. Otherwise, this should be shouldered by the Singaporean employer. 

Fulfill all the work visa cancellation requirements

It is important that the employee knows what should be done when his or her S Pass Singapore visa is canceled. This is so they will know what else they are entitled to before their departure from Singapore. If you need assistance in the cancellation of your work visa, ask Ren Ai Group. Contact these experts and learn more about their E Pass Singapore services.  

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