Energy Efficiency in Industry

The energy sector has changed considerably in recent years. It has embarked on a new path towards the use of renewable energies that respect the environment and do not cause a harmful impact, but in addition to this an awareness campaign on the use of energy has been launched.

What you want to achieve with this ” energy education ” is that both people who work in the industry, as consumers, make responsible use of energy and not waste the energy produced.

This concept of responsible use of energy is currently known as energy efficiency, but it is true that not everyone knows how to implement actions that help achieve this objective.

What is energy efficiency?

It is important to know the difference between efficiency and energy saving, these two concepts despite having similar objectives do not mean exactly the same thing. Saving energy refers to reducing its consumption by limiting its use at certain times and spaces to significantly reduce consumption.

On the other hand, energy efficiency refers to all the changes that contribute to a positive result in reducing the amount of energy used by the same unit, for example:

Change conventional household light bulbs for energy saving light bulbs. It is a measure of energy efficiency, because we are simply replacing a unit that needs energy with another unit that fulfills the same function but requires less energy consumption.

Turning off the lights at home when it is daytime or leaving a room and turning off the light is a saving measure, because energy consumption does not decrease but stops completely.

Tips for achieving energy efficiency

The Ministry of Energy of Chile has within its Energy Agenda to achieve the maximum possible energy efficiency, and has established a goal of saving 20% ​​of the energy produced in Chile for the year 2025. As a measure to achieve the objective, the so-called Energy Efficiency Law will be implemented, the purpose of which is to save a total of 20,000 GWh / year.

But in addition, there are other measures that we can put into use from home and our workplace to increase energy efficiency. Even the workers in the industry are also obliged to set an example by putting into practice such simple gestures as:

Take into account the energy rating of the appliances in Chile. Look for those with an A, A + or higher rating.

There is a phenomenon popularly known as “vampire consumption”. This is what happens when we have an appliance at home that, despite being turned off, still consumes energy. To put an end to this “vampire consumption” it is recommended to use shoes with a switch at home, so that we can connect several devices here and once the switch is turned off for unnecessary energy consumption.

Do not put washing machines with a low load of clothes, do it when you have a full load to take advantage of the washing. You will not only be reducing electricity consumption but also that of water in the home.

Change the regular bulbs for led or low consumption ones. They have a very long shelf life and their consumption is notably lower than that of normal ampoules.

Check the power in which your refrigerator is and regulate until you reach the really necessary power and avoid constantly opening the doors so that you do not lose the cold.

Personal computers are one of the largest sources of consumption in the home. Once you finish using your computer, turn it off completely, or keep it in saving mode but with the monitor off.

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