Most Commonly Asked Questions about Kueh

Kueh is a bite-sized dessert or snacks, and they are usually found in the South Asian region. It contains a great variety of items, including dumplings, cakes, pudding, pastries, cookies, and most of the time, they are prepared from the glutinous rice or simple rice. In English, they have different terms and names by combining them are known as Kueh. You can write it as Kueh or Kueh, and it is most commonly used in Malaysia. Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei, and they all refer to savory as well as the sweet dessert item. Though they are having different names in other countries but countries like Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam prepares some similar food items, but they have different names. For instance, countries like Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand make the same colorful well steam food but name it as Kue lapis, etc.

If you don’t have clear about Kueh, then nothing to be worried about as the present discussion will cover some significant questions regarding Kueh.
Major Questions about Kueh

Following are the different questions that get serious consideration when it comes the discussion of Kueh including;

The imperative and frequently asked question about Kueh is that

“What are the most common flavored ingredient of Kueh.”

Well, this question answers that the core and most common ingredients are coconut ( could be flavored or plain), pandan leaves, Coconut cream(could be thin or thick depends on the choice), palm sugar (fresh or the old one) that is also known as gula Melaka. Mixing all of them creates a unique flavor of Kueh.

“How to build the structure or base of Kueh.”

Another crucial question is about the base or texture of the kueh, well it can be built on the group of rice flour (glutinous rice) and tapioca. Whereas, the two other core ingredients to give a better taste to kueh include mung bean and tapioca flour (you can also be called as green pea flour in some recipes as well). They have an imperative role in giving soft, smooth, and pudding-like texture to kueh. One thing to keep in mind is that in Asian countries, people prefer not to use wheat flour for making the pastries and cake.

“How many variants of Kueh are available.”

There are around 17 variants of Kueh available that can give you a complete different nostalgic feel. A few significant variants are;

Ang Ku Kueh
Harum Manis
Getuk Getuk
Kueh Bugis
Kueh Bingka Ubi
Kueh Kosui
Kueh Dadar

Final Words

The purpose of this article was to provide you nitty-gritty about Kueh in Singapore and its core variants. Though Kueh has got great popularity in South Asia, people still have the least idea about the ingredients, some of the major variants, and the originality of Kueh.

Nevertheless, we are hopeful that you now you have got a complete idea about originality, significant ingredients, and variants of Kueh. If you belong to South Asia, then you must taste all of its options available in the market.

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