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Modern SEO Tactics and Strategies you need to follow
When it comes to digital marketing, a lot has changed. From the days when keyword
cannibalization, spammy content, irrelevant posts ranked on top, tides have shifted and brought
about innovation.
Now, search engine algorithms have become far more advanced and intelligent. Not only are they
able to identify junk from quality content, but they can also compare topics to see how relevant
they are. While this may seem like an additional burden to marketers, various advertising platforms
have also allowed narrowed and specific campaigning options.
In retrospect, one can deduce that contemporary tactics and strategies need to be developed by
adopting out of the box approaches. Every SEO agency London has is competing to bring about
the new trending idea that will revolutionize the status quo once again.
For those who don’t know, here’s a list of modern-day SEO strategies that are trending today:
Page Speed:
The first thing that any website needs to have before crawlers even judge its content is loading
speed. Websites that have a lot of content incorporated in their webpages aren’t necessarily
doomed to be heavy. Many people who try and make things fancy by adding video content often
think they’re sacrificing their loading speed. However, there are ways to optimize your site
regardless of how much you throw in it.
You can use Google’s page speed insights or GTMetrix to help you assess your website’s speed.
Not only will it tell you what problems are causing the delay in loading but it’ll also help you
address the issue. From there on, it’s a matter of debugging issues for a while, and voila! Your
website is good to go.
Changes in Keyword Targeting:
In the olden days, the trend was to come up with the most obvious keyword that users are likely to
search for. While this seems like an effective and straight forward approach, it became clear that
the competition is tough. In fact, due to the inability of previous updates to highlight keyword
cannibalization issues, quality content and good websites often never got the spotlight.
This is why users started using specific statements and phrases to get to the particular result they
wanted. Thus, search engines started showing traffic trends rising for what experts now call, ‘longtail keywords.’ While this was happening, the use of voice search was picking up the pace with
the introduction of products like Alexa, updates of Siri and Google Assistant, etc. Voice search
also involved the use of verbalized long-tail keywords and thus, every London SEO consultant
urged that companies move towards optimizing pages for them.
Website Optimization:
While it has been common knowledge that website optimization is crucial, many still don’t seem
to understand. For a while, it has been noticed that people underestimate the sources of their traffic.
Examples of this include all those websites that haven’t been optimized for mobile phones.
Whereas, according to data released by credible sources, more than 60% of all online traffic is
logged in via smartphones.
Similarly, website optimization also entails research such as designing different types of landing
pages for different campaigns. Moreover, businesses and websites that were getting traffic but not
enough sales started utilizing their online presence as an income source. Every SEO company
London nestles within it works on making sure that a business’ online presence does more than
just represent them.
They made this possible by focusing on the content that users engaged the most with. Incorporating
awesome internal linking strategies, they made users stay on their website for longer durations. As
a result, bounce rates, attention spans, scroll times, and more metrics started showing favorable
Once they had the relevant data, they designed and implemented strategies to create more content
to engage users rather than convincing them to make a purchase.
This proved very effective in providing businesses with more than just one income stream. Even
though they weren’t selling enough products, they were certainly making a substantial profit. And
while this isn’t recommended to all, it’s still an example of how much SEO and online marketing
can help your business.
Content Optimization:
Content is something that Google has admittedly deemed most crucial in terms of generating
online credibility. As per Google, it’s quite simple.
You need to generate content that is not only unique but also serves a purpose that the user intends
or looks for. In case the user is looking for information, your content should provide all the
information that they’re looking for. Similarly, if they’re looking for a product, your content should
be exhaustive in terms of being informative and descriptive. Along with this, there should be a
proper call to action prompting users to make the transaction.
The metrics of domain authority, credibility, ranking, etc. might not be acknowledged by Google.
However, it’s no secret that websites that have established a credible identity are more likely to
rank on top. This begs the question that all new marketers in the field ask, what does Google need
to deem your website credible in a certain niche? The answer is content.
If your content is good enough, users will automatically engage with it as they’ll find it useful.
When these users share your content, this will also let search engine crawlers know that there’s
something worth ranking.
Social Media:
While there’s still no acknowledgment from Google regarding social SEO, there are still countless
benefits of going for social media backlinks. Ask any agency providing SEO services in London.
They’ll confirm that the advantages of going for social SEO are twofold. One, these links are
significantly easier to get and social media platforms always have millions of online users. Two,
these ultimately bring in more traffic as people are more likely to open blogs and other links when
they receive them on social media.
Needless to say, even if Google doesn’t factor it in its ranking algorithms, social media still brings
you attention. By bringing you into the spotlight and allowing you a chance to interact with your
target audience in a better and comfortable social setting, social media can help your business
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