Seven Places In India That Are Perfect for A Dream Vacation

Are you thinking about spending your holiday in an exotic location with your loved ones? If yes, then the perfect destination for your big adventure in India. As India is a very big country, you will have plenty of options when you book tickets to India

The beauty and diversity of India are a good enough reason to explore this gorgeous country. From the scenic locations to the delectable food, every aspect of your trip to India will be amazing. But, the biggest reason that you need to plan a trip to India is the rich historical and cultural background of the country. India will surely blow your mind with its history and beautiful culture.

Different people have different ideas and dreams for a holiday. Some people prefer to explore every nook and cranny of a city, whereas others just want to sit back and relax. No matter what your dream vacation is, India will have the perfect location for your trip. Given the diversity and size of the country, it is only natural that you will be confused beyond words when you start planning your trip to India.

There are tons of amazing cities that you must visit if you want to see some of the most brilliant places in India. To help you out of your confusion, here is a list of some of the most stunning cities you must visit when you make an India flight booking.


  • Kashmir

If there is one place you must never skip on your trip to India, it is Kashmir. You will forget all about the beautiful mountains in Europe, once you have been to Kashmir. This picturesque place is surrounded by the snow-clad Himalayas, and you get to enjoy a serene and relaxing holiday here. Apart from the scenic beauty of this place, there are tons of activities you can enjoy here. If you love adventure and want to experience winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, Kashmir offers to be the perfect place for you. 

  • Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the most beautiful places on this list. Although this place has a rough terrain, the rugged beauty of this place will leave you breathless. A great way to explore Ladakh is on a bike. But, if you are not up for that level of adventure, you can simply stick to other traditional modes of transportation. Ladakh has some of the highest mountain passes, and the wildlife you get to see here is just amazing. There is no end to the things that you can see when you decide to visit Ladakh.

  • Delhi

As the capital of the country, there is no better place than Delhi to learn all about the history and culture of India. Delhi is a wonderful city that has a number of monuments and historical sites that you can explore. As one of the oldest cities in the country, Delhi has much to offer everyone. Another great thing about this energetic city is the food. People in Delhi love food, and you will see this first hand when you visit. The options for street food in the city are endless, and you can also visit some of the other more sophisticated and trendy cafes in the city.


  • Sikkim

Located in the northeastern part of India, Sikkim is a true gem in India’s crown. This gorgeous place is filled with mountains, and it is a great place for trekkers and mountain climbers. If you like adventure, then Sikkim is a great place for you. Apart from the adventure that you can have here, the valleys here will also take your breath away. The flora and fauna that you can discover in Sikkim are absolutely awe-inspiring. As this place is blessed with nature and has also managed to preserve all that it has been endowed with, Sikkim is a great destination to discover.

  • Meghalaya

Another gem in the northeastern part of India is Meghalaya. Aptly called the abode of clouds, this is another lovely destination in India. Meghalaya has also managed to remain untouched, and the natural beauty of this place is a treat for anyone’s eyes. If you are looking to stay close to nature and spend a relaxing holiday with your loved ones, then this is the place for you. Meghalaya has beautiful hills and some great trekking spots that tourists can explore when they visit.

  • Andaman

Located off the coast of India, the Andaman and Nicobar islands are a group of about 500 islands that offer picturesque beaches and an opportunity to enjoy water sports. Given the location of these islands, they have managed to escape the wrath of tourists. These islands are a fantastic alternative to Goa, and you can enjoy them here without having to worry about the crowds. Adrenaline junkies will have tons of fun enjoying the water sport options here. Even if you are not big on adventure, you will be able to find enough options to explore here.

  • Jaisalmer 

Last, but definitely not the least on this list is a royal city in Rajasthan. Jaisalmer is also known as the Land of the Golden Sand and has a long history and a rich culture. Flanked by the Thar desert, Jaisalmer offers an unreal view of this expansive desert. The highlight of your trip to Jaisalmer would be the desert festival, where you can take a closer look at the culture of the city. But, you must make sure that the dates of your trip to India align with the dates of this festival. If you do not mind the heat and want to explore a surreal city, then a trip to Jaisalmer is all you need.

These places offer everything from snow-clad mountains to valleys and gorgeous beaches. When you make your India flight booking to explore any of these places, you choose to explore some of the most Instagram worthy places in India. So, get ready to take tons of pictures and have a great time when you book flights to India for your next vacation.

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