The Ultimate Guide to Remove Pet Odour from a Couch

Dirt, grime, food crumbs, grease and hair not only make your couch dusty, but it starts stinking with time. In fact, a couch stinks badly when a pet or child pees on the couch or your friend with smelly feet sit on the couch for a longer time. No matter if your couch smells terrible or you haven’t removed its dust for quite longer. It is relatively easier to remove pet odour from the carpet.

For finest Couch Cleaning Services, it is recommended to examine your couch’s condition properly. If you think water-based cleaner can easily eradicate the odour from the couch, then you can make your deodorizer at home. It contains some essential ingredients, including white vinegar and water. Add the mixture in the spray bottle and spray the couch.

Nevertheless, if the couch can’t tolerate water, then prefer vacuuming your couch. You can use baking soda and other dry solvents to make your couch odour-free and fresh for a longer time.

Tips & Tricks to Remove Pet Odour from a Couch

Here are some tips and tricks to clean pet odour from the couch like a pro.

  • Use Home-Based Deodorizer

Before you use deodorizer, it is preferable to check the fabric of your couch. Generally, you can check care tag to for this purpose. The couch can be made of leather, polyester and microsuede. Based on the couch type, you can choose the most suitable cleaning method for it.

Some couches require water cleaning only. You can make a vinegar solution for this purpose. Conversely, some couches accept dry solvent like baking soda for the perfect removal of odour from the couch.

Whereas the luxurious and expensive couches require professional or vacuum cleaning. Cleaning them at home can affect the fabric’s quality negatively. So, if you think your couch requires professional cleaning, then hire the professional couch cleaners for this purpose. They use the latest tools and equipment to remove dust, dirt and odour from the couch.

  • Wash Couch’s Cover in Washing Machine

If couch covers are removable and washable, then you can wash them in the washing machine. Again, don’t forget to check the couch care tag because you can only wash couch cover according to its fabric. However, if covers are not removable, then use a hand-held vacuum cleaner for this purpose. You can also use a brush extension for this purpose.

  • Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is one of the finest and preferable methods to remove all type of dust and odour from the couch. Steam can easily remove all stubborn kind of dust particles and can kill smell like it never existed. If you don’t have professional steam cleaning equipment, then set your iron on the steam setting and run it over the required area.

Ultimate Guide to Deep Clean a Couch Professional

Here are some professional methods to deep clean your couch. Also, this way, you can get rid of obstinate pet odour without harming couch fabric.

  • Steam Heat Extraction

This latest method uses premium quality steam heat extraction technology to remove dust, dirt and all other filthy items from the couch. This newest method not only removes dust but excess moisture from the couch too. The professionals assure proper eradication of dust particles and ensure the couch is appropriately dried. This technique is useful as you can remove excess dirt and can dry couch within a few hours. Another remarkable benefit of this technique is that it’s quite economical and you can afford without managing the extra budget for it.

  • Chemical Cleaning

This method is for all type of couch fabric, including a leather couch. This technique uses an exclusive dry shampoo encapsulation method for the finest removal of dust and smell from the couch. Another appreciable thing about chemical cleaning is that you don’t need to wait for hours to dry your couch. In fact, you can sit or sleep on the couch soon after cleaning the couch using this technique.

So, if your pet’s odour disturbs you or your guests are visiting your home in the evening, go for chemical cleaning for this purpose. Indeed, you can’t arrange this unique material at home. Therefore, it is suggested to hire professional couch cleaners to bring perfections in work.

  • Dry Cleaning

It’s another effective method to remove dust and smell from the couch without using water. In this method, the professional team sprinkle chemical cleaning powder on the couch as it removes stains in no time. Again, this method is beneficial to eliminate smell and odour from the couch.


Undoubtedly, all these methods mentioned above are beneficial and useful to take-out pet odour from the couch. However, it is suggested to hire professionals after proper research and prior knowledge. This way; you can find the most competent team in less time.

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