Top 5 Mac Book Problems And How To Fix Them?

Top 5 Mac Book Problems And How To Fix Them?

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No doubt, iMac is one of the finest products of Apple Inc. It is costly, but it’s worth-buying due to endless, remarkable features. However, it starts showing an ageing sign with time and acts strangely.  Generally, the majority of people prefer junking their iMac instead of trying to fix it. 

But before you think about junking it, find some easy ways to fix it. You can also deem iMac Repair Philippines as the professional repair centres can settle your devices in no time. 

Nevertheless, the present discussion intends to highlight five common problems in Mac and how to fix them. 

  1. Startup Problems 

If your iMac doesn’t boot properly or your startup screen gets grey/blank, then it’s the right time to boot your Mac in a safe mode. The great thing about booting in the safe mode is that it doesn’t require multiple software and drivers can repair the directory issues that cause startup ills. 

If you want to run your Mac in the safe mode, then press and hold the shift key for a while. Once you press the shift key, it will show Apple logo and then login screen option. You don’t need to hold the shift key for a longer time as you can release it when Apple logo disappears. Be patient, because it requires some time to get to the login screen. If you want to leave the safe mode and start your Mac regularly, prefer starting your Mac without holding any key. 

  1. Incompatible Login Items 

Remember; the blue Mac screen is the clear indication that there is something wrong with any of the startup items. All those apps that start running automatically are entirely incompatible with macOS. However, with a little effort and testing, you can identify the most problematic app that causes the problem. One of the most effective ways is to start removing login items and observe your Mac’s current condition. However, if it doesn’t work, then there is something complicated. 

In this scenario, it is recommended to bring your iMac to the Philippines’ professional repair centres. The competent and expert technicians identify the root cause of the problem and fix it like never existed. That’s why; it is recommended to avoid handling all such issues at home because iMac is costly, and dealing with its malfunctions is risky.  

  1. Disturbing App

Although iMac has ample internal storage, sometimes apps start hanging for no reason. This way; they lower down the performance of your Mac. Unresponsive apps freeze down the Mac and make it unable to perform any function productively. Generally, users complain that unresponsive apps make it challenging to quit out of it. 

However, if you face a similar issue, then go for the ‘Force Quit’ option. You can get this option by hitting Command-Option-Escape. Choose the irresponsive app that causes the problem and go for the ‘Force Quit’ option. You can choose multiple apps and hit the ‘Force Quit’ option (if more than one app freezes the screen). 

Mostly, Apple users can fix this minor issue at home. But if trying ‘Force Quit’ option doesn’t work, bring it to the well-reputed iMac repair shop. They will fix your problem in no time. 

  1. Spinning Beach Ball

If the spinning beach ball is increasing rapidly, then you need to figure out what causes the problem. You can open the Activity Monitor to see the overall impact of apps on the device’s running storage. Activity monitor window shows real stats about the storage consumption by each app. Activity monitor is also valuable to quit the apps that are consuming more space. You can choose any of the apps you want to quit from the list. Simply press the ‘X’ button and go for the ‘Force Quit’ option. 

This is an effective way to free up some space from your iMac. You can try it to observe if deleting apps has resolved the issue or not.

  1. No Internet Connectivity 

As we discussed earlier, iMac is quite costly, but it freaks out when you connect it with WIFI. One of the easiest and quickest ways to resolve this issue is to forget the network and reconnect it after adding the password again. If it doesn’t work, then it signifies a significant problem. You should take your device to a reliable repair centre. 


The core purpose of the discussion mentioned above was highlighting some of the common issues in iMac. Indeed, most of these issues can be fixed without any professional assistance, but some problems need to be appropriately handled. No doubt, you can find repair centres in every other street in the Philippines. But not all the repair centres assure quality services. So, it is better to jump into the market after proper research if you want to fix your devices correctly. 

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